Micronics Bootcamp: teachings of Narbik

I am attending Narbik Kocharians’ boot camp. I will try to write a short review every day, if energy permits.

Day 1:

Today we covered DMVPN and EIGRP, with an assessment lab in between. I really made the assessment lab to difficult for myself by not reading thoroughly enough. That is one point where I really need to focus.
Narbik knows how to explain his stuff. He makes simple scenarios where you can really see the protocols inner workings. He was in a good mood, so he let us finish early. He did give us a nice challenge to work out, which we could do tonight or tomorrow while he reviews the assessment lab. I tried the challenge tonight and was able to solve it in 20 minutes. It gave me a good opportunity to look at some part of the blue-print I wasn’t yet familiar with. Let’s see if I can find some other way to solve it tomorrow.

Key points to take away:

  • The TS section is not really troubleshooting, but a “find the misconfig”.
  • Always have a process for configuring a technology. That way you can never go wrong, and the same process can help you with the TS section.
  • There are many good verification commands that I don’t know yet.
  • I will be missing out on some interesting scenarios by not attending the full ten days.

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