Micronics review day 10: The final countdown

Day 10

The final day was just a short day, until noonish. Narbik explained some about redistribution and showed us some loops and how to fix them. It felt a bit rushed, but to be honest, I don’t how much more I could absorb. Afterwards, I tried to do some more troubleshooting labs, but I clearly want clear headed enough. So, I spent the final time chatting with my classmates.

Thanks everyone who was in this class with me. Especially Sylwia, David, Bernd, and Dan

  • I need to practice some behavior of redistribution methods, to really solidify the knowledge and make the subject a no-brainer in the lab.
  • For speed and accuracy, you need your brain working at full capacity.
  • Sliwka w czekoladzie are awesome.

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  1. Thank you, too! It was a pleasure to work with you guys. Wish you all the best!


    PS: Will be thinking about you guys next time I’m having a Kebab ;-D

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