Micronics training day 2: Where I should go back to elementary school

Day 2

The results of the assessment lab are in. Diagnosis: I can’t read. I lost many points by not reading the questions correctly or be being not meticulous enough, and only a few because I didn’t understand the technologies. I know I am a slow reader, and I should just take the hit and spend an extra ten or fifteen minutes reading the questions.

Todays challenge was given in the morning, with some time to look at it, while Narbik went over our scores. He then tailored the OSPF materials to our weak points. Lots of lectures today and lots of information to digest.

Oh, Narbik is starting an all access site for 15,- per month. The low price is to combat piracy and to keep the costs attainable for the 3rd world.

Todays takeaways:

  • Take your time to read the questions, get out of your head.
  • I really need to learn the difference in possibilities for Name and numbered access-lists
  • Be careful with your router-IDs in OSPF, you need them for Virtual-Links
  • OSPF has many small details and corner cases. One (long) day is not enough to cover them all.
  • Narbik will start an All Access video site for 15,- per month.

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