Micronics training day 3: I should really be in bed by now

Day 3

Today was a day of small OSPF labs and some MPLS lectures. The labs are interesting, but I went through them slowly, trying to attack them from different angles. It does help me be more precise. With that and me reviewing some of the processes tonight, I hope I will do a bit better tonight. I also have some fun ideas for labs and challenges of my own.

Narbik didn’t give us a challenge tonight, because tomorrow will be the day from hell. We will some practice and lectures during the day. At six, we will do a 3 hour troubleshooting lab. At eight we will have one hour for dinner and at nine we start a configuration lab that is rated for 6 hours. Don’t expect a blog post tomorrow.

Oh, and I upgraded from the 5 day to the 10 day course. More technology craziness for me!

Lessons learned

  • Contrary to documentation, the neighbor <neighbor-ip> cost <cost> command works on point-to-multipoint broadcast, it overrides the costs in the router LSA while you still use multicast hello’s[^1]
  • The hidden command show ip ospf route is great to check the the OSPF RIB, especially if another routing process wins the AD for the same routes.
  • There are some parts of the blueprint I have been ignoring for too long, I feel energized to tackle them now.
  • The processes Narbik prescribes are really of the “go slow to go fast” variety. It all comes down to knowing the basics of the technology, and making sure all requirements are met before moving on.

[^1] Only tested in IOS version 15.1(4)M7, I do not recommend doing this on the lab, since the grading script might check for the p-to-mp non-broadcast network type.

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