Micronics training day 4 and 5: Reduce problem domains until they are negligible or we are too tired

Day 4 Troubleshooting tired typos

The processes do work. It really is a go slow to go fast. Build the foundations first, make sure everything is correct before moving on to anything dependant on the foundations. This makes problem domains small in your head and more easily solved. It is still easy to read over a typo (mpls ldp router-id loopback 1, instead of 0 for instance), but you will only be troubleshooting 2 or 3 devices at a time.

Troubleshooting practice went well, I got an answer to every ticket. I second guessed myself on one ticket, and didn’t change something that I should have changed. So, I missed at least one ticket.
The configuration lab went slow as tar. Having a full day behind me, I made many typos, reading mistakes and logic mistakes. Went home at 04:00.

Day 5 BGP antics

It is a slow day today. We started a little bit late, and we weren’t in a hurry to end the day soon. So, the BGP explanations went on until later then advertised. It was harder to keep my concentration up, so I really need to revisit todays subjects. I got the results back of the assessment labs. I got missed one detail on a troubleshoot ticket, so I had two tickets wrong. Still a pass. The configuration, I got more than I thought, just over half the points. Considering how many things I had to reconfigure or had to troubleshoot a mistyped AS number, I am happy with the results.
Afterwards, a few of us went out for a beer and pierogi. The first time I actually get to see some of the Warsaw. After last night, all of us went home before ten.

  • Tired brain no think good. Don’t cram until the last second before taking the lab!
  • Despite the tiredness, I did okay. Some questions where I really couldn’t think of a solution last night. Only very few thing I didn’t know
  • Some points were lost to not paying attention. If the question asks for access-list 1, then use access-list 1.
  • Homework I will set myself for after the class: Go through the blueprint and find processes for the major points, test and streamline them.

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