Micronics training day 6: Just the lab

Day 6

No class today. It was a day of Mock labs. In the morning we did a diagnostics lab, after that a configuration lab that is said to be seriously difficult.

The result for the diag were abysmal, only 2 out of 6. And I was so sure of myself. But, going over the answer key, it looks like I should have had a 5 out of 6. Note to self: Double and triple check that you put in the answers you decided on correctly. Not having caught those mistakes, is the only thing I can think of, for my score.
In the configuration lab, I got an average score, but I lost a lot of stupid points. I consistently misconfigured the IP addresses on the switches, costing me 7 points for an otherwise working configuration. I lost a further 12 points by not reading every point in the question. These are things I configured correctly in other tickets, and clearly know how to do, but just missed in the question. And I missed a lot of time on other typos.
Now, I did run out of time, even extended the lab. It goes to show I need to get my speed more up more consistently and need to check every bullet point after every section I think is done. The parts where I have a good process, were easy. I still need to get more consistent in following the processes.
I do feel that the practice is making me better at all this. I start looking at the lab more in a manner of layers of dependency.

  • If something isn’t working, but I am sure it should, check for typos. Wrong IP addresses, different capitalisation. Never assume you did it right if the neighborship doesn’t actually come up.
  • Practice helps a lot.
  • A structured approach to problems helps even more.

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