Micronics training day 7: Nerd knobs aren’t always necessary

Day 7

Today, we started out with some of Narbiks troubleshooting labs. They are made to show you some quirky side of technology interactions. He really likes you to misuse technologies to work around a problem. Might come in handy as a workaround on the Lab.

I am at time still overthinking the problems. Don’t assume every problem is difficult. On one or two of the tickets, i really didn’t know the technology, so I have to study up on those. I am way weaker in some BGP areas than I thought. Tomorrow I shall try and pay more attention to the time I am using per ticket.

After the labs, we reviewed some L2 security. Some of it is basic, but it is good to have a process for these too, so you don’t forget some of those pesky prerequisites. I am getting his train of thought in these things now, and I will try to use them to my advantage. For instance, during the configuration lab yesterday, I used notepad way less than before. I now use one for my tcl scripts, one for copy-pasting and search-replacing. And maybe one for things I have to configure later, but don’t have the prerequisites for yet.

  • There are more nerd-knobs in BGP than are good for you.
  • Sometimes a problem is just really simple, so don’t assume you have fiddle with those nerd-knobs, when a simpler solution is available.

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