Micronics training day 8 and 9: Fatigue is setting in

Day 8 and 9

The tiredness is taking it’s toll now. I really notice that I have more difficulties with the troubleshooting labs. I didn’t even have the energy to write a post yesterday evening. I am noticing that I am less focussed on all the troubleshooting labs. A few of us are going through them at a really rapid pace. I could keep up for a while, but at the last lab today I just had to give up. I couldn’t even troubleshoot the simplest issues, let alone the ramped up difficulties.

Lecture wise, we handled Layer 2 security, PPP, multicast (or what’s left of it in v5) and RIPv2. Some of it is basic stuff, but you don’t want to mess up your L2 connectivity in the lab. PPPoE never jived with me, but then again, I didn’t look into it enough before. Now it seems obvious. I will make a blog post about it soon, to really solidify the information.

Tomorrow is the last day, where we will be covering route redistribution.

For these two days, only one major key point:

  • DO NOT TAKE YOUR LAB TIRED. You will make stupid mistakes or not see your own typo’s.

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