Recipe Series

I failed my previous lab attempt. The biggest problem I had, was getting flustered during the config section. I didn’t spend enough time to comprehend the scenario while spending too much time on some simple stuff that I should have been able to do with my eyes closed. I spent ten minutes troubleshooting an etherchannel, because I forgot to no shut one side…

To make these things easier for myself, I should listen to my own advice about making processes for everything. I will keep an overview of all the recipes on this page. The recipes will all have the following section:


Here are all the things that need to be working, before you can make the technology work, such as connectivity between NBMA interfaces, before you can configure DMVPN. It also contains all the data you need to gather before configuring, such as which DMVPN router will be the Hub.


Here all all the steps from start to finish.


Some commands to verify correct operation.


This section will show some common symptoms and their possible causes.

The Recipes